Guitarists Extraordinaire Blend Classical And Contemporary Sounds with a beautiful sprinkling of Beatles for Brunch everyday!

Aug 31st*10 am to 5 pm ~ Sept. 1st*10 am to 5 pm ~ Sept. 2nd*11 am to 5 pm

FALL FEST welcomes Darren Curtis Skanson and Gregg Hansen who will perform their own brand of musical magic throughout the three-day event. Skanson & Hansen’s repertoire of intricate and enchanting guitar duets spans Classical works, Pop tunes and dazzling original compositions. Their fresh and innovative instrumental arrangements transform each piece into a memorable recreation of the original.

The captivating combination of fingernails on nylon strings and fingertips on steel strings creates a rarely-heard fusion of classical and acoustic guitar voices. This cross-disciple synthesis gives Skanson and Hansen the creative latitude to bring melodic classical guitar mastery to Folk, Rock and Pop songs while infusing timeless masterpieces with acoustic fun, and funky, rhythms.    

AND... every morning the magical duo will be playing Beatles For Brunch from their Magical Mystery Adventure to London & Liverpool.

Darren and Gregg describe their musical pairing double-finger style guitar. Both play the melody, chords and bass line simultaneously, creating a sophisticated, closely-woven sound that fully expresses the song’s melody within a rich harmonious musical landscape.     

Skanson & Hansen, in the best tradition of itinerant musicians, blend their guitar mastery with well-honed humor about developing each arrangement, hilarious anecdotes about performing on the road and funny insights about how they decide who gets to “star” in each their compositions. Their motto is, “Two Guitars Can Change The World!”