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Unique and collectible artists to make only Colorado mountain appearances this weekend at The Lake Dillon Arts Festival.


Dillon welcomes world-famous painter and artwork

The 2017 Lake Dillon Art Festival will feature impressionist Painter and Founder of Plein Air Painters of Hawaii Jan Bushart. Known for her oil paintings, Jan has won numerous awards and honors. She paints up to 4X5-foot canvases on location throughout Hawaii and Colorado and will be showing a mixture of Colorado landscapes and Hawaii seascapes. Jan's paintings are in private and corporate collections around the world and are a favorite of Hollywood Studios Gallery who lease the paintings to the Hollywood film industry and countless films such as "Million Dollar Baby ".


Jewelry designer Danny Bushart, husband of Jan Bushart, will also be exhibiting at the show. Danny has been creating heirloom quality jewelry for 25 years. From the couple’s Maui home,  Danny blends his unique romantic style with the exquisite beauty of the islands. All of his jewelry is signed or stamped to guarantee you are receiving an authentic design by Danny. He is influenced by some of the greatest jewelry eras in history while creating his one-of-a-kind pieces. The Romantic, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Victorian Eras lend their unique aspects to the graceful flowing lines of his work.

A registered Kispoko Shawnee, sculptor John Kessler's signature stone is expanded obsidian, a black volcanic glass hand-chosen from a mine near Yosemite National Park in California. His sculptures give the impression of being somehow alive, capable of communicating the most essential truths. Gargantuan bears rest on their paws or stand sentinel on jutting rocks. Their eyes are more than two holes carved from expanded obsidian. They are deep and mysterious in a way that only nature or John Kessler could make them. Over the years, John has learned to listen to the rock before he carves it. “I look at the stone and see what it wants to be,” John says. “I used to make the rock be what I wanted it to be, but I learned not to fight, but rather to say, ‘All right, we will do it your way.’"

Wah-lee-tah-kah   Won-cha
(Brave One)

Doug Fountain embodies the spirit and the power of the Great American Indian.
A direct descendant of the legendary Chief Sitting Bull, Doug and his family are proud members of the Spirit Lake Dakota Sioux tribe.  This distinguished legacy uniquely enables this extraordinary artist to use the knowledge and wisdom of his heritage to create his original, one-of a kind, limited edition Art. www.doungfountain.com


Randall May is known worldwide for his western, cowboy, and wildlife art and has been featured on PBS. Randall's most unique sculptures are his two-sided bronze works. One side depicts a cowboy on his horse in the desert, while the obverse reveals a man riding a motorcycle. This sort of conceptual juxtaposition becomes even more breathtaking with May’s representations of different, yet comparable, historical periods. Randall received the MONA Purchase Award in 2014 and his work is on permanent display at the Museum of Nebraska Art and the Idaho Wildlife Museum. Randall has studied with Robert Bateman at Grand Teton National Park and John Seerey-Lester in Alaska.


Husband and wife,  Kevin D. Miles and Wendy Schaefer-Miles are rather unique in the art world; two artists working side-by-side on the same canvas to create a shared vision. Wendy uses brilliant colors with flittering brush strokes to develop the basic painting and Kevin adds the light, atmospheric color and detail to bring it to completion. Atmospheric color, i,e., color altered by distance and atmospheric conditions, creates depth that allows you to "walk" into their paintings. The Wisconsin Foundation for the Arts selected Wendy and Kevin as their commissioned artists, a prestigious honor that afforded them the opportunity to hang a painting in the governor's mansion.


Tim Zandee's giant dark room prints grace the homes of famous actors and athletes, and the offices of top CEOs.  His eye for capturing nature – and light at its most magical - can be seen in works that reveal the beauty of Hawaii, Cape Cod, Alaska, the Virgin Islands and beyond. Tim achieves this mastery through countless hours of hiking, searching and well-tempered patience waiting for natural light to perfectly illuminate the subject. He succeeds in capturing portraits of our  world with an emotional tone that underscores their majesty. Tim Zandee works with eye, camera, soul, paper and patience.

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