Featured Artists

Unique and collectible artists to make only Colorado mountain appearances this weekend at The Lake Dillon Arts Festival.

We are excited to have a special feature guest artists Randall May showing his amazing double sided sculptures.

Notice the photos to the right. The cowboy on the bucking bronco turns into the grandfather telling his grandson about the ride on the other side. Truly amazing. Also see the videos below.

Born and raised on the western slope of Colorado, Randall explored the world of art since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Randall has been on PBS as a Featured Artist, has a painting in the permanent collection of the Museum of Nebraska Art, and his sculpture Back in the Day was purchased in 2014 by the Idaho Wildlife Museum for its permanent collection. His work ranges from small to monumental in size and is collected nationally and internationally.

"I don’t think of myself as an artist. I think of myself as a visionary who expresses himself through the medium of art. Its important to me to express myself well, so I must continue to grow and develop for that to be possible." - Randall May


Michael E. Beals is a metal art sculptor whose work is unique and intuitive. All of his designs are original, one of a kind creations. Mike uses bells as metaphors for life, passage of time, and a celebration of life. Ring the bell in the morning as a celebration of the day and ring the bell in the evening as a thank you for the day.

Mike’s distinct sculptures range in size from indoor entry way tabletop to outdoor garden pieces and all incorporate a ringable handcrafted bell in each sculpture. The use of stone and glass in his works connects our spirits to the journey of life. Each piece incorporates an item from the past and an element of the present. Mike gained his true love of the outdoors and creating his art forms from residing in the wilderness of Alaska for the past 15 years and was inspired by his older brother to begin welding. In addition to his brother’s inpiration of welding, Mike met with other artists pioneering the art form of metal sculpting which has led to his unique style. Mike feels art is an expression of one’s past and by creating metal sculptures he leaves his expression for the future to enjoy. Each piece is timeless.


A registered Kispoko Shawnee, sculptor John Kessler's signature stone is expanded obsidian, a black volcanic glass hand-chosen from a mine near Yosemite National Park in California. His sculptures give the impression of being somehow alive, capable of communicating the most essential truths. Gargantuan bears rest on their paws or stand sentinel on jutting rocks. Their eyes are more than two holes carved from expanded obsidian. They are deep and mysterious in a way that only nature or John Kessler could make them. Over the years, John has learned to listen to the rock before he carves it. “I look at the stone and see what it wants to be,” John says. “I used to make the rock be what I wanted it to be, but I learned not to fight, but rather to say, ‘All right, we will do it your way.’"


Tim Zandee's giant dark room prints grace the homes of famous actors and athletes, and the offices of top CEOs. His eye for capturing nature – and light at its most magical - can be seen in works that reveal the beauty of Hawaii, Cape Cod, Alaska, the Virgin Islands and beyond. Tim achieves this mastery through countless hours of hiking, searching and well-tempered patience waiting for natural light to perfectly illuminate the subject. He succeeds in capturing portraits of our world with an emotional tone that underscores their majesty. Tim Zandee works with eye, camera, soul, paper and patience.